The Prisoner Correspondence Network (PCN) helps people on the inside to make friendships with people on the outside. PCN is the conduit for letter-writing, meaning letters and emails come through us before being sent through to pen pals on each end. This is so that people on each end of the pen pal friendships don’t have to disclose their addresses, or any more information than they’re comfortable with sharing. 

We help to establish connections between people on the inside and the outside. Once a connection has been made, people in prison write to PCN, our volunteers scan the letters and then send them through to penpals on the outside. People on the outside can then reply through the online PCN system.

Every year, PCN also runs a Christmas Card Drive, with members of the community sending Christmas cards to hundreds of prisoners across the country. This means a lot to many people inside, because Christmas can be a very dark time in prison. To find out about our next Christmas Card Drive, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Christmas card