Thank you!

Here’s some thank you messages we received after the 2022 Holiday Card Drive. Thanks again to everyone who helped us spread the joy!

To whom it may concern
Hello its Corey

This is a letter to show my appreciation
in regards to the support that P.C.N
clients have sent me some very inviting words
Things only get better not worse because
us christians on look to the future & live in
the present so right back at you guys [wide smile smiley face emoji]
Merry Christmas & a happy new year!

Bye for now guys. God bless you
Your Sincerely
Kia ora,
P.C.N, im just writing to say thanx for the Christmas cards, it was a nice surprise & thoughtful, it picked me right up, im very thankful. I felt valued. Choice one P.C.N ,,Ka pai tō mahi,,
So BIG Thanx to, Honey
Your Friend
[small smiley face drawing]
Aroha Nui, Mauri Ora,
Aio ki te Aorangi
[large smiley face with sunglasses drawing]
10th Jan 2023

Dear PCN Team,

Nga mihi o te tau hou! “Happy New Year” I just want to express how grateful i am for the service and the mahi that yous provide for people like myself who are locked away. A letter and card from yous is such a simple little gesture but the impact is huge & fulfilling, its really nice to know that there are people out there who put aside a little amount of time to show Aroha, to give Aroha, by way of a few words on a card. Xmas can be challenging & it was this year for me. The loneliness birds were making their nest inside of me, but when I received some cards with my name on it. I really felt the Aroha. I was really touched by the card from Charli especially the Quote from CS Lewis and also for the positive vibes
Big thank you Charli. Also I would like to acknowledge Rere W-S, your card brought Joy to my day & light to my life, nga mihi nunui mo to Aroha, manaaki, Kia ora

Thankyous all

Nga mihi
Kia Ora Koutou,

Thank you all very much for all your well wishes for christmas. On behalf of all the prisoners around the country i would like to extend our heart felt wishes to you all aswell. What you do is much appreciated from those of us who cant be with our loved one’s at this special time of the year. A special thanks to Ange and Ciara and all the rest of the PCN team.

I Would Like To Thank all the People thaT Write a Xmass Card they ment a Lot geTing a Card from People Out there it Makes You feel Like You are not for gotten and are Someone So thank You to everyone that maDe a Card onLine or at the making Card Bees Round NZ You all Make Diffents in PeoPle’s LiVes thank You Douglas.

To the PCN Staff

Merry christmas and thank you very much for the christmas cards
and a big thank you to all the
people that put the effort to make
them and write something in them.

Yours sincerely
Dear PCN,
I would love to give my thanks to those people who took tym out to think of me in this tym of need to give me a gift to brighten up my day I wish them all the best for the up and coming new year and these peoples names are Mikayla, Ange, and River thank you very much.

To P.C.N.
Thanks Very Much for xmas Cards. Could you please thank, Thomas, Wade, Silvia, AnG and Angela. loved Silia’s drawings. Brought me Some light at a Dark time. Made Me Feel loved and Wanted. Thankyou very much for the love and support. Merry xmas to all and a happy new year

Ben. xxoo
Kia Ora koutou,
Nga mihinui to the kind people who sent the xmas cards which I got this morning. It really means a lot to me, so thank you. I have only recently become a subscriber to the good work that P.C.N. can provide. It makes me feel kind of normal again to get that contact with the outside world, hopefully I will soon be blessed with a pen pal and am anxiously awaiting to continue this journey.
Mauri ora kia tatou!

ps. A good tip for baking xmas cakes is to include a water bath in the oven. This helps keep the cakes moist. Extra peel and, zest always helps. Tena Koe! Courtney I hope your cake turns out perfect!

Arohanui koutou!

Meri Kirihimete me te Tau Hou to all at P.C.N.


Dear PCN Crew

Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year! A Big Thank You to the kind hearted people who wrote me some Christmas cards 🙂

Thank you All

Kindest Regards,
Hi Team

Hope you all had a nice Christmas with your friends and family …

I’m writing today to say thank you to all those people who sent me Christmas cards

It was so nice to feel the love from a complete stranger and really made my day

Thanks again for all the great work you do


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Date: 24th December 2022 (Saturday)

Kia ora PCN Team,

I am delighted to receive envelope full of cards. My special appreciation for your efforts to make it possible with the help of the people in the community. He rawe tērā!

My special thanks to Morgan for sending an ort of a bird in colour. I pasted it on my wall. Everytime I look at the bird, make me happy 🙂

Lot of aroha to Mikayla who sent heart touching greetings with her beautiful hand writing. This is the 1st greeting card in my last 4 years of prison time.
So, I saved it as a valuable present. I appreciate her time and big hear to make an effort to write a card to unknown person. He mīharo tana mahi!



Ngā mihi

8th January 2023,

To P.C.N,

I would like to offer My sincere gratitude to You and Others who take time to consider Us who are here in prison
*Thank You*

I unexpectedly received CHRISTmas cards from Benjamin, Nicko, Ange and Charli. If You could relay My appreciation Via Social Media or Your Website to these People I Would be Much obliged.

Yours Truly

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