Christmas card drive 2016: feedback

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the Christmas card drive for prisoners last year! We’re starting to get some thank you letters in and people really appreciated their cards. Here’s a thank you from one prisoner:

To the team at the Prisoner Correspondence Network. Being an openly out Gay Man I found prison life to be a little daunting, depressing and a little bit of a scary place to be but worst of all I felt alone. But since making contact with you guys at PCN you have given me the support and strength to become a stronger person and to be proud of who I am and stand tall with my head held high and thank you soo much for help. Also I thank you for introducing me to the penpals that have been writing to me, I truly believe through you I have made some great friends for life. Thank you to everyone who sent me christmas cards that meant so much to me. Wishing you the best for 2017. With love JL.

Here’s a second thank you letter:

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for all the wonderful xmas cards I received today. It’s made a very tough and upsetting week a little brighter! I loved the handmade ones, they are all talented and amazing. Could you please thank all the people for me? I never knew people cared that much. It’s made my xmas a little bit brighter.
Thank you again, from LD

And a third!

Today I received a bunch of christmas cards from you guys
Thank you so so much it made my day. You guys are the best.


You’ve really helped us make Christmas special for our penpals on the inside. Have a big THANK YOU from us as well!

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